Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Days 8, 9, and 10....

Today Jenee came back!  Hooray!  A lot can happen in a week, and a lot did happen last week that we had to catch Jenee up on.  Unfortunately I can't disclose any of that information via this blog at this time, but look for it in my autobiography coming out in 2050.

Monday I spent the evening watching the Big Bang Theory.  I've started with the first season and therefore have some catching up to do.  I don't really remember what I did during the day on Monday, other than going to the gym with Marcel at lunch and almost getting t-boned during an impromptu high five celebrating how awesome we are for working out.  We're fine, but thanks for your concern.

Yesterday Marcel forgot her clothes for the gym, and didn't want to work out naked, so we didn't go.  Instead we played Jenga and discussed the intricacies of how the Jenga plant operates - such as how many buyers do they have, what kind of quality control do they perform, what raw materials do they purchase....

After work I went to donate plasma to earn some extra cash for paying off debt.  While I was hooked up I started wondering about the gloves they use....mainly how many boxes they have to purchase each month, who their vendor is, if they get a discount, if they have a specific person who purchases the gloves, if they have a purchasing request form they use....and then after about 20 minutes of thinking about these gloves I realized.... I need a vacation.

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