Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4

Today I was SUPER busy at work (no sarcasm, I was actually busy).  Marcel and I made it to the gym at lunch AGAIN and we simultaneously determined we were awesome for doing so.  We both attempted to drive each other to the gym which resulted in each of us sitting in our separate cars for about 5 minutes until Marcel came over to my car laughing because she had been waiting for me to get in her car to leave.  Jenee is still in California probably getting tanner and blonder and I can count at least 6 inside jokes she has missed out on this week - including one about nice pants.

My husband has discovered that I will get out of bed in the morning if he turns the light on and takes the covers.  I feel that one day very soon I will be getting up when the alarm goes off the first time.

I really wanted a Dr. Pepper today, but I was strong.  Can't be giving in on only the fourth day!  Did you know that 75% of Americans make new year's resolutions and that 45% of that 75% break their resolution by January 4th?  Also, 83% of statistics are made up on the spot.

My husband got his w-2 today and I started on our taxes, not because we are getting a ton of money back, just because I like doing them....

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