Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2

My legs hurt.

Today it was back to work and of course it was bitterly cold.  I had a busy day of ordering all of the stuff I wasn't allowed to order last month.  I had to face the day without Jenee or Marcel, as they are both slackers and took the day off (not together, thankfully, because I would have felt quite left out if they did that).

I am proud of myself for eating lunch at my desk and going out into the cold to drive to the gym.  The girl at the front desk asked me if I was all alone today because Jenee, Marcel, and I go to this particular location together. I should have burst into tears and shouted "Yes!  Rub it in why don't you?"  Instead, I told her I was being good while they were off taking vacation days.  She gave me the required half laugh you learn in customer service school.

I did day 2 of Couch to 5K on the treadmill at the gym.  Then awkwardly stretched while a man jump roped 2 feet in front of my face.  Maybe it was 3 or 4 feet, either way it was CLOSE because I could feel the wind coming off his jump rope swings.  I feel like there is a proper word for jump rope swings, but you can google it if you really care that much.

After lunch I ordered some more stuff.  And then a little while after that, more stuff was ordered.  Tomorrow I will get to receive the stuff that I ordered today and then on Thursday I will receive in stuff that I have to order tomorrow.  And so goes the cycle.....

Here's a picture of a man jump roping in case you weren't able to visualize it earlier....

Unfortunately he didn't look like this, nor was he shirtless.

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  1. I imagined the inappropriately close jump-roping guy with a giant belly and a holey Patriots t-shirt and sheets of sweat. You are so brave to face the gym and its jump-roping inhabitants alone!