Sunday, January 15, 2012

Days 13 & 14

I don't feel well so this will be short.


woke up with alarm the first time again (WHAT?)
breakfast and Monster (Yum)
Zumba at the gym with Marcel, Jenee, and Tracy (fun and 580 calories burnt) [I'll explain who Tracy is later, get off my back]
1st bank to withdrawal money
2nd bank to deposit money
grocery shopping
cleaned, cleaned, cleaned
decorate for birthday party
had birthday party
kept 3 of Aiden's cousins for the night
hugged myself for having my tubes tied
caught a cold at some point
husband went out and bought nyquil for me
went to bed at 11, drugged up and stuffy

made waffles
ate cereal
made more waffles (kids eat a lot)
felt the after effects of zumba 
did laundry
talked to my mom while Shawn changed the thermostat on my parents' van
talked to my mom more while she cleaned my kitchen (moms are great)
Made grilled cheese sandwiches
Burnt 2 grilled cheese sandwiches
Made more grilled cheese sandwiches
donated plasma with Shawn (woo-hoo, money for debt!)
went and visited Shawn's family
bought Aiden a cheeseburger
Smelled Aiden's cheeseburger on the way home
Wanted a cheeseburger
Made dinner (BLTs)....actually no lettuce, so BTs
Updated blog

taking more nyquil
crashing on pillow

Holy shit I did a lot this weekend....back to work tomorrow for a nice break.  

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