Monday, June 13, 2011

Happiness- why does it come in the form of pizza?

Sunday I went to my parents' house to celebrate my birthday (last month) and my twin brothers' birthdays (this month).  My family celebrates everyones birthdays by getting together and singing "the ugly song" and eating cake.  The ugly song is "Happy Birthday" but everyone sings it as loud and as horrible as possible.  This has been a tradition for quite some time, I cannot even remember when we started it.  I like it because it helps everyone to keep in touch and keeps life from getting in the way of only seeing each other once a year.  Because there are so many birthdays now (16 and counting) we have started combining birthdays that are close together. 

Birthdays are usually near dinner time, but today they mixed it up and had it around 11 and served brunch.  I brought sausage/bacon intending on following my low carb diet, but fortunately Dad made scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage.

I decided to also have some hash browns with ketchup and that led to a Dr. Pepper.  The day ended with pizza and ice this means on Day 12 of the carb diet everything went to hell....

Moving on to Monday and pretending Sunday didn't happen- back to low carb!  I didn't eat breakfast because frankly I was still bloated from the pizza and ice cream- crap I'm supposed to pretend that didn't happen....

We had MF salad bar for lunch (YUM) and then the husband made me eggs, sausage, and bacon for dinner.  But enough about food.

Monday night concluded with a quote on our gutters.  Looks like that is something we will be repairing ourselves- oh home repairs how fun :) Only 23 years left on this bad boy and it's all ours....

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