Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And I'm back....

Did you miss me?  Of course you did, that's a stupid question (and yes there is such a thing as a stupid question, no matter what your overly enthusiastic fifth grade teacher tells you).  Time has marched on since my last's amazing how quickly it goes sometimes.  So what has happened in Hern's life since June 13, 2011??  I'm glad you asked.

I really can't remember what happened each day so here's a quick summary:

tried more dieting, failed
lost biggest loser
ordered a bunch of stuff at work
played on a softball league (currently we are 1 and 5 I think)
went to my first Indian's baseball game
drove Marcel and Jenee to lunch
got in trouble in the kitty conference room
fell on my tailbone
scraped my leg all to hell
registered son for Kindergarten
went to a Tim McGraw concert (not Brad Paisley!)
learned how to properly say pamphlet (PAM-FLET)
started paying on student loans
asked for a pay raise
got "health insurance"
became a silent/voluntary/accountant/bookkeeper/"numbers" partner person
laughed a lot
did laundry
paid bills
went swimming at The Tipton
went camping and it wasn't horrendous
ate smores
brought face book friend total to 99
started asking random people to apply to be #100

So, now that you are all caught up I will try to stay on top of this more (that's what she said). 

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