Sunday, February 27, 2011

Running and Barking

We are doing a weight loss contest at work and we have 3 days left until the final weigh in- first place winner gets $670.  I have been ahead of everyone for the past month now and got a bit lazy thinking I had it in the bag.  Then a co-worker decided to lose 7lbs last week!  So since Wednesday I have been on a 10 carb/day diet and running up and down my neighborhood. 

I run 4 blocks down and then turn around and run 4 blocks back (mathematically speaking, that equals 8 blocks).  Our neighborhood seems to love dogs and each block has an individual dog or dog(s) that have a unique way of barking at me or not barking at me.  The first block there are a couple of dogs on the other side of the street that bark slow and loud.  The second block has a fenced in area with two large dogs who are not chained up.  They go crazy when I run past, barking and running with me as I pass.  Then at the end of that block is a little yappy dog on a chain that goes crazy like he's going to eat me.  The third block has a dog that is also fenced in and not on a chain.  She (I call her a she because she is very pretty, but I don't actually know what sex he/she is)  doesn't bark at all, but intensely follows me with a death stare as I run past.  The fourth block sometimes has a dog out who will bark at me a couple times, but not always. 

I have ran for the past 5 days, the same route each time.  And each time these damn dogs bark at me.  Don't they know it's me?  Can they not remember my tigger jacket and Adidas pants?  So I've started barking back at them :)  And they don't know what to do.....perhaps I should start bringing pieces of meat with me as well.  I'm so tired of eating meat (that's what she said).

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