Thursday, March 17, 2011

Losing Biggest Loser.....Taxes = cheese fries and pie :)

I lost biggest loser by 1 lb!  1 measly pound....should have taken exlax I suppose.  So it's been a few weeks since I"ve updated.  I came in 2nd place, losing 20lbs.  We are going to do another contest starting in April and I'm going to win this time!  The husband, child, and I went on a little mini-vacation to Great Wolf Lodge and had a great time minus the child throwing up in the middle of the night.  Our dog that we gave away in November made her way back home via some cable guy calling her tags in and linking her back to us.  We are in the process of finding her a new new home now.  And I've done a few people's taxes..including my good friend Kendra's.  She paid me by taking me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then we had pie afterwards.  I like getting paid in food!  So now that you are all caught up on Hern's life you can sleep easier at night.  I'm going to track my progress for Biggest Loser starting in April to keep myself accountable and so that I don't decide to take a three week break while Jason catches up with me.  Oh and I've also decided to get out of debt so I'm looking forward to many challenges ahead. 

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