Saturday, February 5, 2011

Girls Night Out (GNO)

I went to a play tonight called "A Contemporary American's Guide to a Successful Marriage © 1959"  Although I was somewhat disappointed to find out at dinner that it wasn't an actual Guide to a Successful Marriage, it was quite entertaining.  Before the play my friends (Jenee and Marcel) and I spent a half hour driving around a parking garage at the mall, only to find out we were still over a mile away from the theater.  Jenee was able to guide us to the correct location using her awesome phone and find us a free parking spot.  From this point forward my job is to sit in the back and keep my mouth shut when asked for directions.  We got to walk down a scary dark alley, that didn't look that scary because of all the white fluffy snow, and it didn't hurt that Jenee had her trigger finger ready on pink pepper spray. 

The play was scheduled to start at 8pm and we arrived at the theater at around 7:20.  We asked the person selling tickets (who we awkwardly learned a few minutes later was the director) if he thought we would have time to eat before the show.  He replied by saying he didn't know.  I hate it when you ask someone an opinion question and they say they don't know.  Clearly you don't know - we just want your opinion, but people don't like it when you say I know you don't know for sure, I just wanted your opinion so I just kept my mouth shut.  Even an "I doubt it" or "Maybe" or "Probably not" would be better than "I don't know".  Moving on, we decided to risk it and went in search for food.  We walked by a place next door and then further down to another place that had Cajun food and the waitress was wearing a funky hat and vacuuming.  We went in to check out their menu but no one greeted us so we just read their blackboard of food items and decided to go to the first place.  The first place was delicious and fast enough that we made the show.

The play was very funny and I feel that since it is the first play I have seen (not counting high school) that all future plays may fail in comparison.  We went to see the play because the wife of a co-worker (Jason)stars in the play.   Jenee said that Jason and I are now real friends instead of co-workers because of the outing, which is awesome because now I can talk to him about stuff other than non-inventoried items. 

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