Monday, May 9, 2011

No eating out in May!

I have challenged myself to not eating out in May and strictly following an exercise program.  The not eating out is the harder of the two challenges.  So far this month I have had to say no three times to eating lunch out with friends/coworkers and turned down free pizza.  Before I continue I'll need to introduce a couple of people in this story:  Jenee is the Awesome Executive Assistant (that's her official title) where we work together and Marcel is a planner/a lot of other unofficial titles. I feel that Marcel deserves a better label than that so I shall change it to Popular Planner AOT (Among other Titles).   Each day we eat lunch together and then usually walk around outside for the duration of our lunch. 

Here is a picture of Jenee  sadly eating her salad because I would not go out to lunch to Chili's with her and Marcel:

That was on May 3 (they tried to talk me into it saying it was Fifth Third day and we needed to celebrate)

On May 5 they decided to go to Chili's with or without they went without me and I ate my lean cuisine all alone.  I hope they are feeling guilty as they read this.

On May 6 they decided to go to Marsh to eat at the MF salad bar.  I heated my lean cuisine up and went with them and we sat in the Marsh dining area-fortunately we didn't need a reservation.   Jenee used the restroom there and said it was very nice. 

On May 7 I opted for a lean cuisine instead of free, wonderfully smelling pizza and bread sticks at Marcel's house. 

And on Mother's Day I had a homemade Greek chicken Caesar salad.   So here I am 1 week into my challenge and doing well.  I did eat Subway for dinner one night last week but I kept it healthy.  May is probably the toughest month to try to do this challenge with Mother's day, my birthday, Jenee's birthday, and Memorial Day.  

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  1. I felt guilty for like a second... and then remembered how good the food was.... sooooo then I was happy. :)