Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kindergarten genius (in first grade)

If you are fortunate enough to know my mom, you know that she is notoriously late to everything.  (She will be quick to blame my dad or my siblings or the traffic or the weather, but when it comes down to it she is the common denominator in tardiness)  Sorry Mom, you know we love you.

Anyway, I felt that needed to be said before this story-

In first grade I was supposed to go on a field trip somewhere downtown. Probably a museum.  When you are six years old, a 30-40 minute trip downtown seems like an eternity.  And in no way could you travel such a distance and catch up with your classmates if you missed the field trip bus. So on this day, we (myself, my older brother, and my mom) were running late, as usual.  I think we were late to school so often, that until I started riding the bus in 4th grade, I thought going to the office to get a slip of paper was just part of my day.
We were probably only 10 or 15 minutes late but the field trip bus had already left.  The decision was made to just let me sit in the kindergarten class until my class returned later that afternoon.  I went to Mrs. Haymaker's class and took a seat in the circle of kids on the floor.  We started doing numbers and colors, pasting and cutting, and I thought I was a GENIUS.  I knew ALL of that stuff.  I could color inside the lines with ease. This was AWESOME.  I started thinking of other ways I could return to kindergarten on various days so that I could show everyone how smart I was.  I was in super "I'm a pretty kitty" mode.  Then, disaster struck.  They came down and pulled me out of the class.  My parents had decided they would drive me to meet up with the field trip.  My genius streak was over.   And now I had to go on this 14 hour trip to downtown.

I did get to experience the euphoria of feeling like a genius again in 8th grade.  I had been absent and had to go make up a math test during my study hall.  Since I am such an awesome multi-tasker I was able to absorb the lesson being taught while simultaneously taking my test.  When I went to my math class later on I knew how to get the answers before the student teacher could get through the lesson.  And he too, thought I was a genius.

Now I will leave you with this picture of me from first grade.  You're welcome.

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