Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthday Eve

It's finally here.  The night before my 30th birthday.  I know some of you will have trouble sleeping tonight with the excitement running through your veins as you wait for the sun to rise so that you can finally celebrate the big day.

Usually, we, meaning the husband and I, leave town during this time of year.  It's almost never planned (there was the 1 month planned 2002 trip to Sandusky, Ohio for our first introduction to Cedar Point) and it's usually because we want to avoid the crazies that show up or come out of hiding for the Indy 500.  Sorry if you're a crazy.

I can't say for sure yet if we will or will not be travelling, since we've been known to decide to go somewhere on the day we go.  Roller coasters are fun, but as I get older the whole unbalanced equilibrium occurs and most of them end up making me nauseated, which is a very sad thing because I can remember when my parents couldn't ride certain rides because of this reason.  And I know understand why people prefer to lay on a beach,  margarita in hand.

So...I'm sure you are all dying to know about the list.  I was trying to avoid bringing it up but here it is....

I completed 8 things on my list at 100%.
I completed another 8 things partially (i.e. the debt payoff came in at around 80% of the goal).
I didn't complete the other 14 things in any way shape or form.

My excuses:
1.  I started this list in October, and I should have started it in May (duh)
2.  I accomplished other things that weren't on the list.
3.  I'm almost 30 so I don't move as fast as I used to.

I've been thinking about how I want to spend my 30th year and have gone back and forth between being amazingly productive and beyond belief lazy.  I've thought about writing a small book to cover my twenties and calling it "Hern, before the MBA" in which I highlight my struggles with education and life and the people I knew along the way, including a discussion question section for future book clubs.  I've thought about writing a 5 year plan, including a contingency plan if the world does indeed end this December.  I've thought about doing P90x and how all people will see me as a mermaid if I follow through with it.

I've done a good deal of thinking, which is normal since I do have my MBA.  And I finally came to the conclusion that I will decide what to do with my year as 30 when I wake up on Saturday morning, hung over, no doubt holding onto Marcel's toilet and using Jamie's extra toothbrush, uttering the phrase "One hand on the floor, one hand on the wall" while simultaneously thanking Jenee for not allowing us to eat White Castle the night before.

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