Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What happens when blogs are written while intoxicated (BUI: Blogging under the Influence) today Jenee updated her blog and I thought to myself, I really need to copy her and update my blog as well....Here is the post I started writing after having a day party for Jamie's birthday and then didn't think I was sober enough to actually post it.  I read it and it's not that bad and brought back some laughs:

A blog post dedicated to my friend Jamie (warning:  I may still be a little intoxicated as I write this)
Today I woke up at 7 AM (on a SATURDAY) to go meet my friends Jamie, Marcel, and Jenee to do some ZUMBA.  At this point I remember driving to Marcel's house and then driving to zumba and then doing zumba.  After that we went back to Jenee's and showered (separately) and then left to go have lunch and do a little shopping.  We also stopped at the liquor store.  And then we went back to Jenee's house.  From that point until we left Jenee's to go back to Marcel's the following things happened but I can't really tell you in what order:  Shots of tequilla, drinking barbara streisans,  watching my drunk kitchen, playing cards, trying to play liar's dice, watching you tube videos, watching Fallon's drunken kitchen videos, making a video about boiling water, getting hit by Jamie with her new shoes, more shots, more Barbara, petting Nora,  going to eat frozen yogurt, waiting for Marcel and Jamie to buy more liquor at Marsh, laughing a lot, Jamie giving me my phone that I left at the yogurt shop, somehow getting chocolate all over my shirt...

That was from times.

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