Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mmmm drugs are good, prescription that is....

I've never been one to like drugs, prescription, over the counter, or "other"....but I must confess that the prescriptions I'm on now are fantastic.  No headaches for a week now and I'm feeling less stressed and clearheaded. 
I still haven't managed to get up when the alarm goes off, the first time, and I feel quite defeated by this challenge.  It's probably the easiest thing on my 30 list and it has yet to be crossed off.  But this is what happens every morning, regardless of when I set my alarm:

And it doesn't matter if it's on vibrate, a crappy song, an annoying beep, or a kick ass song....every morning my sleepy personality trumps my motivation personality.  I've even tried cheating on the weekends and setting it for 9...but still the snooze button gets hit.  Why not get rid of the snooze button you ask?  Well, I've tried that.  I used to have it set up to where I didn't have a snooze option and I had to solve 2 math problems to turn the damn thing off.  And what did my sleepy personality, who I will now refer to as Sleepy Sandy, do?  Wakes up enough to solve the math problems, dismiss the alarm, and reset the alarm for a later time....SERIOUSLY.  I have to boot Sleepy Sandy out of my bed.  I blame her for me not getting up early enough to work out.  She's the reason I'm always in a rush to do everything in the morning, and barely have time to log on to facebook before going to work.  Sometimes Sleepy Sandy makes me go to bed early before I shower and she tells me that "Oh yea we will get up early and take a shower in the morning"....and then the morning comes and Sleepy Sandy hits the Snooze and then I have to rush through my shower and then I have to miss out on reading people's posts on facebook about going to bed or getting up.  Damn you Sleepy Sandy.  Damn you. 

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  1. I'm envious of this artwork. I feel li,e of it wasn't here.... I wouldn't have understood what was happening.

    And screw sleepy sandy!! I say we beat her! ;)