Thursday, September 1, 2011

Giant bugs at Goose Park...WATCH OUT!!

Today I had an "episode" at lunch.  My friends/co-workers (Marcel and Jenee, you've met them before) and I went to our normal lunch spot, Goose Park.  It's not officially named Goose Park, that's just what we named it because there is a pond and picnic tables and lots and lots of unfriendly geese.  And frankly it's easier to call it Goose Park than "that one place with the pond and the picnic tables and all those crazy ass geese".  ANYWAY....

We were enjoying chatting today after we had finished our food.  I had a microwave meal, Marcel had some form of stew, and I don't remember what Jenee ate, just that she had yogurt left over....

Marcel's eyes suddenly got very big and she said something like "HEATHER, THERE'S AN ENORMOUS BUG ON YOU!!!!"  To which I immediately panicked and looked at my shoulder and this is what the bug looked like to me:

I don't actually know if that's an accurate picture because I was screaming and spinning around in a frantic attempt to get the creature off of me.  It went from my shoulder to my hair and then I'm pretty sure I fell on the ground at some point.  By this time Jenee and Marcel are laughing hysterically while other park goers looked annoyed. 

Two things now concern me about Goose park-
1) Ginormous bugs
2) People heard me screaming, but chose to ignore it (strangers, not my friends who were laughing)

Goose park is still better than Creeper Park (that's at an actual park but people sit in their cars in the parking lot)....

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